competence area

Here is a list with the competences we address in our seminars. We specialised in customised training and consulting solutions. Each training program is in fact a combination of different competencies we approach from a personnel development point of view. Therefore for a detailed description of what and how we approach our programs please contact us. Our contact details are here.

Our next paragraphs describe the competencies in which our trainers developed expertise.

This is a list of the major training competencies we can address. There might be more. You can click on some of them for a detailed description of the competence.


  • interpersonal communication and feedback
  • presentation skills
  • customer focus
  • managerial skills
  • leadership
  • negotiation
  • personal efficiency
  • time management
  • team effectiveness
  • coaching
  • creativity
  • risk management
  • conflict management

Knowledge programs

  • Finance for non-finance
  • Understanding marketing and social media
  • Business simulations