Corporate Dynamics is the partner of safety teams promoting health and workplace safety excellence. Our proposed solutions are new technology enabled, special designed to reach your objectives. 

Ergo+ is a software that can provide license available for every interested company and that grants 24/7 secure access to your business data. This software is able to rapidly and accurately evaluate ergonomics risk factors, using best available ergonomics assessment tools. There are no worries about human errors in evaluation or managing thousands of excel sheets. 

Based on discomfort reports and the understanding of ergonomics risks at workplace, the software can rapidly identify and solve core causes.

 Ergo+ allows real-time cost and impact analysis, setting priorities, planning and implementation of cost-effective control measures, organization wide.

The software supports ergonomic process standardization and scaling-up best ergonomics practices across organization, regardless of the number of workstations, the number and geographical layout of the sites, regardles the number of woking places and production sites location or dimensions. Like any other business process, ergonomics must be managed in a well-defined system. Corporate Dynamics consultants help organizations to define politics, standards and guides for ergonomics but also offer the best tech solution for ergonomics process.