Ergonomics training

Our experts in injuries prevention are able to deliver a wide variety of ergonomics and injury prevention trainings, which gives access to workforce for best ergonomics related practices.  

Training Topics


  • Benefits and goals of ergonomics process.
  • How to gain support from management in ergonomics and MS disorder prevention.
  • Core knowledge for critic ergonomics and needed skills to implement
  • Designing principles of ergonomics and risk assessment methods.
  • Management support for ergonomic process and team members involvement within the process.


  • Do your job appropriately in order to avoid fatigue and excessive discomfort.
  • Proper body mechanics and lifting techniques 
  • identify ergonomics risk factors.
  • Ergonomics advantages, principles of fundamental ergonomics.
  • Movement and mobility importance.

Trainings can be delivered both face2face and online. For a customized proposal please contact us.

Personal Ergonomics / Self Ergonomics

This training is addressed to all working individuals using a computer; at workplace, at home or during traveling. It is structured in two parts:

Physical Ergonomics. It starts with a pre-course body evaluation: questionnaire, posture images and cervical spinal cord measurement. Based on this evaluation, participants receive a customized report with specific guidance considering medical history. Participants understand how their posture have consequences on their health, they will know how to immediately correct the posture and to master easy to apply techniques of self-massage. 

At Corporate Dynamics we use artificial intelligence for a high impact of the personal ergonomics and safety courses we deliver.

We use the Soter Task app for awareness, real-time self-correction and injury prevention. Below is a short video, without the analytics part.

  • RED lines indicate critical areas where a change needs to be made. If repeated, the movements marked in red can cause ergonomic injuries,
  • YELLOW lines indicate movements that do not cause injury, but which, if left unchecked, can be the beginning of an incorrect movement pattern.
  • GREEN lines indicate parts of the body that are in a safe area.

Cognitive Ergonomics.

We continue to explore the way brain works and to use practical tools for personal efficiency development. It is about energy management, about discipline and about how to maximize brain resources. 

You will be able to learn how to manage your resources better and to discover best foods to boost your brain. Personal Ergonomics is a training about you, full of energy and smiles, perfect for self-discovery.  

Trainings can be delivered both face2face and online. For a customized proposal please contact us.