We help teams and organizations to amplify their value.

When to use a facilitator

There are some situations in which the use of our professional facilitation services will bring you better results than you currently get.

  • Important decisions need to be made – strategic planning or reviewing an important project
  • The team faces complex problems in which no one has the “right answer”
  • You need to get the consent and active support of all stakeholders
  • Collaboration is needed in a diverse, multi-cultural or cross-disciplinary group
  • The working group is large, diverse and/ or in conflict.
  • Poorly managed meetings block the progress of the project or business

What we do

Corporate Dynamics facilitators act as an impartial process guide that ensures the efficient participation of all those present and the production of the desired results.

As members of The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) our work is reflecting The Core Facilitator Competencies framework. We help our clients to achieve a high-quality outcome as following:

We use a variety of approaches to include group consensus and desired outcomes. We tailor the pace of activities to the needs of group. We hold the group accountable for taking on tasks and managing “difficult” personalities and group conflicts.

We recognize and value diversity, ensuring the inclusion in the conversation of participants with various styles of thinking. We foster open and respectful participation for the culture, norms and thinking styles of all participants.

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