We specialize in customized managerial development interventions and the facilitation of cultural change, with results in increasing performance. The areas in which Corporate Dynamics differentiates itself through the experience and expertise of its consultants are:

Personal Efficiency



Customer Journey

In the complex projects in which we are involved, we use psychometric tools, analysis of organizational networks, 360 assessments, business simulations, facilitation and coaching with key people within the organization.  

Embedding Corporate Dynamics programs into everyday work

Materials. Throughout the learning process, we use a wide range of fixation and reminder elements such as documents and workbooks, videos and various visuals. 

Learning Champions. These are voluntary participants who have demonstrated a strong interest and ability to implement what they have learned at the team level. They assist colleagues in using the principles and tools presented in the courseware and help reinforce the desired culture. Learning champions generally meet once a month to discuss challenges and opportunities for new initiatives. 

Facilitated Discussions. After the completion of each program, the supervisors and Learning Champions support the key concepts, the acquired language and various toolkits, allowing punctual interventions of about 10-15 minutes.