customised business simulations

Corporate Dynamics has extensive experience in developing business simulations on various topics, including:

·        Process Management

·        Client experience

·        Decision Making

·        Financial Flows

·        Complex simulations

Our simulations

Our simulations are on-line and board-based and offer a high degree of interaction. The interaction is ensured by the way in which the processes that create added value actually become “visible” on the “game” board. It also generates direct discussions between participants about decisions and the decision-making process.

What happens in a simulation

In a simulation, participants can experience all the processes within the company, in a safe environment where their decisions have no consequences on the business. Moreover, the effects of decisions can be observed and measured immediately by financial indicators or other KPIs, which participants know from daily operations, because Corporate Dynamics simulations are adapted to the specific indicators and jargon of each company.

In the design of a simulation, our experts go through all the company’s processes and “clone” them, so that they come as close as possible to the real situations that participants encounter in their daily operations. For pedagogical purposes, certain processes can be minimized here, in order to focus participants on the processes that influence the added value as much as possible. Each simulation we develop has a mathematical model behind it based on which we control the interactions within the game. We can simulate closed or free markets with or without competition in which different business scenarios can be tested.