Psychometric Instruments

Psychometric tools allow us to accurately measure different attitudes and behaviors both personally and organizationally. Thus, we have a basis from which to start in various diagnoses related to the organization. Some of the tools used help us to achieve better individual development sessions or can be support in different coaching sessions.

Our company also has its own platform on which to customize or develop 360-degree assessments. In a 360-degree assessment, the perception of behaviors is measured through colleagues, direct bosses or subordinates, allowing a good interpretation of them in organizational context.



The LSQ range of tools are developed by LSQ Research. The LSQ-90 tool allows the measurement of managerial and leadership behaviors at the individual level. Based on this, managers can correctly evaluate their behaviors and the way they lead their teams. The tool also allows measuring the evolution over time of the way teams are led. It can be used both for managerial development and in coaching sessions. For more information about the tool we invite you to click on the link below

360-degree assessments

Corporate Dynamics has its own 360 evaluation platform. Our team can help you in the study design, design and formulation of questions, assignment of measurement variables, implementation of the study in the platform, PNP applications where online application is not possible.

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