safety. the culture of honesty

Occupational safety culture refers to what people do – safety-related behaviors, how they feel – individual and group values, attitudes and perceptions), as well as the system used by the company – OSH policies and procedures.

We promote a culture of safety honesty, a culture in which people are encouraged to report avoided mistakes and accidents, but where there is also a clear line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. The “blame” culture inhibits reporting, prevents detailed examination of incidents, impedes learning, and has a negative effect on motivation.

Bringing the safety culture to a higher level requires both the personal example of top managers and a project dedicated to change management. This is where our role as experts begins: Corporate Dynamics consultants help you change your attitude towards safety at work, move from the right to the right and develop an interdependent safety culture, in which each person is responsible for both their own safety and the safety of colleagues.

For a personalized offer please contact us for a discussion about the challenges you have in achieving the Safety objectives.