5 dimensions when design the process of facilitation

Facilitation is made up of three components: align expectations and process design – before, facilitation itself – during and results implementation – after.

The way you design process and program is a key success factor in facilitation. Designing the process means planning with the desired results and purpose in mind. 

When designing a workshop, there are 5 fundamental dimensions to consider.


Clearly define the overall purpose and the specific deliverables of the meeting before you make any specific choice of design.


Identify who are the participants and which level of involvement is the participants to have in the process. 


Settle the right physical and mental environment to fit the process; is the task of the facilitator to stage the meeting.


Select the methods and processes that help the group to produce the results; think about involvement and energy. 


Define who has which role in the process: facilitators, co-facilitators, managers, recorder, external speakers if case; take time to manage the expectations of the roles.