Co – facilitation good practices

Co-facilitation gives us challenges and opportunities that are different from those we face when facilitating ourselves.
It’s like dancing in pairs. It takes rhythm, excellent communication and adaptation as the group changes pace.

What makes co-facilitation smooth and easy? Here are some thoughts to consider when working with facilitation partners.

Co-facilitation Good Practices

  •  Plan ahead, debrief after
  •  Build rapport, clarify roles and tasks
  •  Test assumptions, discuss expectations
  •  Choose a lead facilitator per segment
  •  Use facilitator’s notes; rehearse the bridges
  •  Decide maximum 3 feedback signals
  •  Actively engage – observe and listen, watch your time
  •  Do a practice run using logistics & collaboration platform
  •  Never criticize or argue with your co-facilitator
  •  Be balanced, be humble, serve the group.