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This is one unexpected way that world changed because of COVID-19

by Emanoil Draganescu

Yesterday, checking the calendar for the next week, I realised, that COVID-19 changed my world in one particular manner that I did not expect. Ever! I am a person that used to meet people, especially after hours. I used to hang out with friends, clients, go to the gym and meet people there. Sometimes I used to eat out before getting home. I used to waste time in malls. Now I spend a lot of time in WFH and I no longer need to get out. I travel less.

My world became in fact smaller

I know how it sounds, but is real. We really use less physical space.

We meet less people. We travel less. We hang out less. We use fewer hotels rooms. Somehow our world is smaller. Physically smaller. Our need for space declined.

Our mobility is now virtual. In a virtual world, you can pack more people, without any space constraints.

When I was a child I was reading an article about wealth. The conclusion of that article was that physical space could be used as a measure of life standard. Wealthy people tend to use more space. Bigger houses, bigger cars, more food, more access, larger peer groups and so on.

Happy animals have larger spaces. A fish in an ocean has all the opportunities. The ocean is huge. It is packed with danger, but it is also packed with freedom and opportunities. And evolution. Animals evolve because they have to adapt to a changing environment. A fish-tank provides some sort of safety, but fewer opportunities, less breeding chances, less evolution and so on. I am not sure that a virtual ocean would provide the same. A virtual ocean is a controlled environment. Of course, we are not fishes and we do not live in tanks. Or are we?

Similarly organisational spaces become smaller. Smaller office spaces. Smaller peer groups. Less interactions with colleagues. Less interaction with colleagues from other departments. Less parking spaces. Less costs. Less. The company is now less. The company is now a computer screen. Maybe I am exaggerating, but one question comes to mind.

Is this virus a danger in the ocean, or just another wall-glass in what used to be an ocean and now becomes a large number of fish-tanks? Probably some will argue, but can you grow a whale in a tank? Because I seriously doubt. And I love whales!