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Have ever tried PowerBreaks?

by Decebal Leonard Marin

Do you work harder than usual in front of the computer and the mobile and you have more and more a state of anxiety and dissatisfaction? If you want a balanced life, I invite you to change the way you work and include POWERBREAKS in your agenda.

Our state of health and the level of productivity are influenced by the intensity and duration of the hours worked, but also by the quality of the breaks we offer to our brain and body.

When involved in an activity that requires concentration, the prefrontal cortex (CFP) keeps us focused on our goals. At the same time, PFC is responsible for logical thinking, problem solving, self-control and avoiding dangers.

At such a degree of burden and responsibility, the brain needs moments of respite to remain productive and to renew its concentration.

Unplanned and unstructured breaks are a waste of time leading to stress, anxiety and a high rate of exhaustion. What really helps the brain are breaks in which activities that are based on prefrontal cortex functions are replaced with some that are based on other regions of the brain.

It is normal to take as many breaks as you feel you need to get your job done safely and securely. Among these breaks, I recommend using POWERBREAKS – those breaks whose structure includes activities with the power to refresh and recharge the mind and body.

In short, the POWERBREAKS concept involves the inclusion of the following two types of breaks: one of MOVEMENT and one of CALM.

The MOVEMENT break. It takes place outdoors – on your balcony, in a garden or park and involves physical activity: walking at a steady pace, cycling, stretching, yoga or any kind of moderate exercise. Avoid crowded and polluted areas.

The CALMING break. It takes place in a quiet place where you can stay calm throughout the break. It involves using smell, carefully observing the surroundings or an object, and listening to the sounds around you. You can practice mindfulness meditation or simply take a nap.

Each of the two POWERBREAK breaks lasts 20 minutes and must be taken outside the physical space in which you work.

As scientists claim that most of us use only a third of our total breathing capacity, it is recommended to practice conscious abdominal breathing – that is, to completely fill the lungs, including their lower parts. The deeper and more regular the breathing, the clearer the brain will think and we will benefit from a better state of mental and emotional health.

It is forbidden to watch and use any kind of screens: TV, mobile, tablet or PC. During POWERBREAKS you can eat and drink water, sing or listen to music.

PowerBreaks is an excellent tool for increasing the power of concentration as well as for recharging the reserve of attention and motivation.

If you are interested in learning more about the POWERBREAKS concept or want to build a personalized program of personal efficiency and well-being for you and your team, I invite you to contact the Corporate Dynamics team here.