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Ce este Modelul SWISS CHEESE?

Dezvoltat de James T. Reason, SWISS CHEESE este un model teoretic utilizat în analiza, gestionarea și prevenirea riscurilor. 

În acest model, fiecare componentă de protecţie existenta în organizație este considerată o felie de brânză: managementul este o felie, programul de training o felie, PPE este o felie etc.

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Is my work a tool?

by Manu

Am I a tool? Is my work a tool? Have you ever thought? Maybe one day, your work will be a computer job. It happened before and it will happen again in the future. What makes your work so special? What makes you so special? And what can keep your work in your hands? What if your work is designed as a tool? To answer that you should understand first if your job si a tool. This is not an article where I am gonna say that creativity is important. We all know it is. Let’s see what is this about!